Whether it is entertainment during a dinner, a corporate team building wrap-up event, a fundraising activity or a private function, SEE has a variety of theme events, shows and concepts that will fit the bill perfectly.

If you don’t see what it is you want here, please contact us! We can either create it or source it for you.

Braincrackers Team Quiz

Braincrackers Team Quiz is not your ordinary trivia contest. While there are rounds focussing on sport, music, film, television etc., the flexibility of the format means that questions and trivia challenges can be written specifically with your audience in mind.

Apart from the trivia rounds, some of the games that we play as a part of BTQ are
* "True/False" (do you know if Sesame Street’s “Big Bird” is right handed or left handed?),

* Feral Jigsaw (working as a team to put together a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle in under 3 minutes), *Squeezed Out (a fun, lightly physical team game involving music and a piece of newspaper!)

*Scavenger Hunt (you'll be amazed at what some people have in their bags and wallets!).

There are many more games available depending on the setting and format required.

BTQ is enhanced with a "fun aspect" and the team building outcomes of the concept are all heightened by its mock-competitive nature.

BTQ is conducted with the a performance flair and is fully interactive with the participants.



Whodunit? Which nefarious guest has an appetite for murder? One of Something Else Entertainment's master sleuths will find out!

These comic, interactive murder mysteries are the perfect way to have guests interact with each other and the sleuth, plus give everyone something they love to do - dress up! Guaranteed for an evening of mayhem and mirth.

Current stories available are:

“Murder Aloft”
– Be a part of the glamorous 1930's aboard a state-of-the-art airship the “Skyline” with your sleuth the Rev. Augustine Inigo Mapleton – and someone with an appetite for murder!

Dastardly Doings at D'arthmont Hall
– The Roaring Twenties bring a curious collection of guests to an English country manor house who seem to have only one thing in common - an appetite for murder! Thank heavens PC Bill Hill is on the case.

“Trouble Brews at the 'Lazy-Eye' Saloon”
– 1875: where the west is wild and the townsfolk even wilder. Things look mighty bad in Drystone Gulch, South Dakota and it will take an investigation by Federal Marshal Horace T Longhorn to bring the murdering varmint to justice!

“Tis The Season For A Folly”
– (Special Christmas Theme) It’s the festive season of 1932 at Mortlake Abbey. Sir Roderick Ponsonby has an eclectic group of acquaintances staying for the holiday season including long time friend and famous sleuth Lord Peter Irony and also someone who does not take to heart the promise of a season of peace on earth and goodwill to all men.

Vengeance Is Mine!
– From the High Middle Ages, a tale of knights, damsels and much murder. Even the foulest murderer will not stay unknown for long once King Edward IV's most famous justiciar, Sir Richard of Bristol, arrives to solve this most baffling case.

For each “An Appetite For Murder” story, the quoted fee includes all writing and production of the unique character biographies for approximately 10 to 15 guests who play the central characters which are distributed prior to the event. (The other guests dress in the style of the period in which the murder mystery is set) Also included is the writing of the mystery itself along with production of the question/answer sets for each character for use during the performance and the provision of the character sleuth to conduct the event.




Got something special to celebrate?

Is there someone who you’d like to honour?

Does the occasion call for a professional presentation overlaid with wit and humour all conducted by a comical host?

That’s Your Life! is the way to go with each show being unique to the person being honoured. Hosted by the redoubtable Head Master Ivor Thwacker (Dip. SOE), these presentations are not long forgotten – particularly by the guest of honour.

All writing and production of the presentation along with the hosting of Mr Thwacker himself is included in the quoted fee for That’s Your Life!




Harry Bunker is the official roaming representative of B.A.G.A. (Bloody Awful Golfers Association) and loves to attend corporate golf days as this is where he finds the greatest source of new members!

As a comic roving character (with Scottish accent), Harry is able to introduce the golf day to the participants, explain the rules and outcomes, and then follow the golfers around the course and interact on an improvisational level with them.

Also available - Harry can supply a video camera and take candid footage of the participants in action for replaying at the awards dinner and presentation as a background to the wrap-up of the day.

Harry is also an accomplished MC who can co-ordinate the handing out of awards and also can conduct auctions as well.




The flavour of the Italian Renaissance is brought to life by Something Else Entertainment’s talented team of Commedia performers. Available as roving characters and set piece performances.






Did you know that Something Else Entertainment knows the “real” Santa Claus? Everyone’s December favourite, whether you call him Santa, Father Christmas or Saint Nicholas is happy to be involved with your event, just call SEE first!




Santa’s Chief Elf, in charge of Production and Transport, gathering last minute gift orders and encouraging everyone to hop into the Christmas spirit with some lively carol singing, the like you’ve never heard before!

Also available a fun focussed entertainment option Tiny’s Xmas Hamper.





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